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345 North Nimitz Highway
Honolulu, HI, 96817

(808) 535 9695

507 Raspberry

Bed Mattress Hawaii | Tight Top Mattress

Discount Furniture Warehouse offers quality Hawaii bed mattressesat low prices. Find your perfect bedmattress Hawaii today!

507 Raspberry


507 Raspberry


507 Raspberry Memory Foam Mattress

A comfortable bed that offers contouring support that relieves pressure points and encourages proper spinal alignment, both essential for healthy growth in our children.


Plush Terry cotton cover provides an inviting sleep surface for your child
7 inch total mattress height
Solid 2 inch open cell memory foam
6 inch High density Reflexa foam base
Available in vibrant raspberry and blueberry colors, with matching pillows (sold separately).
Certified eco-friendly manufacturing process
20 year limited warranty


Boyd: 507, Raspberry Responda Flex

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