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Clima Comfort


Clima Comfort Pillow

The unique two-part construction and reversible design of the Broyhill™ Clima-Comfort™ pillow allows you to use this pillow on either side so you can choose the custom support and comfort that's right for you. Side one offers a STAY COOL solid GelLux™ polymer gel sleep surface to offset the higher temperatures of warm months and side two offers a warmer, temperature sensitive memory foam surface for the cooler months.

Gel Infused Memory Foam Compared to Solid Gel Lux™ Polymer

Gel infused memory foam is made up of semi-solid beads which are inserted into the memory foam mix. The gel beads are spread randomly into the memory foam, reducing the foam’s reflective heat. Instead of random gel beads, the new, improved Gel Lux™ technology concentrates the beads into a thick, solid polymer layer. Solid gel has the ability to better maintain a constant cool temperature, ensuring you remain comfortable all night long.

Reversible Pillow with Two Very Unique Sleep Surfaces
Solid Gel Lux™ Polymer Gel Provides a Cool Sleep Surface
Flip Pillow Over for a Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Memory Foam Experience
Unique Air Flow Channels Enhance the Cool Comfort of GelLux™
Dual Sided Knit/Fleece Washable Cover with Breathable Gusset
Five Year Warranty

One Size Only

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