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Poppy Rolled Pocket Coil Mattress

Tight top mattress. Provides soft comfort along with heavy duty 312 innerspring 13.5 gauge unit. Available in Twin, Full, Queen, Cal.King and E.King.This mattress comes rolled in a box for easy take home ability!  Great for kids beds!

Quilting: 1/2"
Safety: 16 Cfr Part 1633 Flammable Standard Approved
Innerspring: Heavy Duty 312 Innerpsring 13.5 Gauge Unit
Coil Counts: T: 216 / F: 312 / Q: 390 / CK: 459 / EK: 468
Comfort: Soft
Warranty: 15-Year Limited Warranty
US-Made (Incl. Foreign Materials)


Twin Size: 75L X 39W X 7H
Full Size: 75L X 54W X 7H
Queen Size: 80L X 60W X 7H
Cal.King Size: 84L X 72W X 7H
E.King Size: 80L X 76W X 7H


FA: DM210, Poppy

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